How to Win a Scrabble Tournament

Suffixes. One of the best methods to earn a bonus of fifty points is to understand how to handle the rack. There is an endless number of words that are a combination of -S, -ED as well as -ED and -ING. 

If you spot them on your shelf, take them to the right of the holder, and then take a look at the other letters. Try looking for suffixes that aren't as common such as -LY and -AL. Also, look for -IEST and -FUL. the suffix -TION for example. You can also know more about the benefits of using a word descrambler online.

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Prefixes. In addition to suffixes, be looking for the well-known prefixes and move these to the left on your rack. The most common prefixes include EX- IN-, RE-(Resembling), UN Tri-, Non- PREand MIS-. You can put it available on your shelf and use it to your advantage.

Rearrange. A majority of players just take a look at a display and then rearrange the tiles within their heads. This is a bad method since the players require assistance with their visuals. Therefore, the most effective method for finding words is to organize the alphabet on your shelf. This way you'll be able to make the words in a short time.

Defense. The game of defense can be very beneficial in Scrabble however it must be played with care. If you've got a strategy to set yourself up to play your next turn try it. It is an effective method to restrict your opponent's capacity to make high-scoring words.