Significance Of Opossum Removal

If possums live on your property or in your attic, it's important to get rid of them because:

  • Possums usually have as large as 13 babies, which can increase your problems exponentially.
  • They can come in contact with small children and pets and cause injury
  • They can and usually do a lot of clutter on the lawn and collect a lot of trash in their place. You can hire professionals for removal purposes. You can find the professional opossum removal service providers via various online sources. 

Opossum Removal

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  • If they live in your attic, they can easily spread contaminants and bacteria through their feces and urination
  • Their urine and feces can soak through your blanket
  • Opossums can carry fleas, which can be passed on to pets
  • Opossums usually have large children, up to 13 babies. Since this is a marsupial species, these babies only need to find their way to their mother's pouch in a few weeks, where they are weaned after 3-4 months.
  • Mortality is often high and life expectancy is short, only 2-4 years. Because they are omnivorous and have a lot of waste, they benefit from local food sources, usually human food waste (trash cans) and even animal food.

As part of our removal and prevention process, skilled and humane opossum removal technicians will thoroughly identify all entry points and explain the steps required to keep your possum problem under control.