Avoid Common Assessment Mistakes

Over time, candidates and hiring managers have provided feedback about the hiring experience. Some of the most common takeaways include:

  • Unpaid pre-interview assignments may be construed by the developer as "giving away code" instead of providing an accurate assessment of skills.
  • Take-home assignments can become too time-consuming, and candidates may drop out. However, you can also use employee assessment tools & recruitment assessment tools of Wild Noodle  in order to select the best candidate.

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  • Misunderstandings occur when candidates are told to meet a stated requirement but are counted off for not fulfilling unstated ones.
  • Take-home tests can foster interviewer bias if the best candidate’s work is used as the standard to measure the rest of the interview group.
  • Interviewers and companies fail to provide feedback to candidates. They don’t let candidates know why they were or were not advanced in the hiring process.

Any job candidate can tell you that dead silence from a company after a lengthy interview process is the most dispiriting thing that can happen. It also leaves a poor impression of your organization.

Assessing skills for software developers is an essential part of hiring. As a manager or team member, you want to know you are hiring the best person for the job. You want to ensure they can do much more than writing code.

This is someone you will be working with. You need communication skills, emotional intelligence, and a talent for problem-solving and end-to-end software development. The assessment process is just as much for you as the candidate.

Take the time to do it right. Poor hiring practices result in high business risks and costs. A great hire brings more than programming skills to the party — they bring value to your entire organization.