How Building Automation Saves Energy And Money

For many companies, Building Automation is a mature and proven building management system to optimize comfort while reducing energy and maintenance costs at the same time. However, there are still a large number of buildings and businesses that are not yet aware of the benefits of building automation.

Introducing building control over buildings is often one of the safest and fastest ways a business can save money. Building automation takes care of a variety of problems. To find more about the building automation visit

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Here are some of the top reasons why you should add building automation to your business.

• Lower electricity and gas costs – Perhaps the main reason many businesses consider building automation and control is that they typically save about 15 percent of annual energy costs. This corresponds to savings in electricity costs of around 20 to 40 cents per square meter.

• Comfort Levels Maintained – One of the problems managers and business owners face is maintaining the comfort of customers and employees, and there is no easier or more effective way to manage that level of comfort than with computer control. This reduces the amount of energy lost.

• Reducing Complaints from Occupants – If the building was more comfortable, you should handle fewer complaints from residents in the building. The result is higher morale and a more productive atmosphere.