Important Tips for Best Roof Curb Design

All Curb designs offer certain advantages, but nothing can be considered ‘best’ for all aspects of the sidewalk installation. For example, easy-to-install curb design may not offer the most natural watering capabilities. Conversely, a more naturally weathertight design may need to be installed as the roof is installed, therefore impeding installation of the roof system.

Roof curb manufacturer

Do your curbs come from a local sheet metal fabricator or from a bonafide roof curb manufacturer experienced in the metal building industry? Local fabricators often lack knowledge, experience, materials, and equipment to deal with correct fabrication details for the right sidewalk design. A pre manufactured roof curbs manufacturer is aware of typical standards used in the metal building industry for most roof panel types, as well as specific curb recommendations from metal building manufacturers who offer such details.

The roof curb provided by subcontractors

This is where the most terrible error occurs, including the type of curb, construction material and the installation method. Subcontractors often bid projects without fully understanding that the curbs used for pre-engineered roof systems are totally different than curbs used on conventional roof systems.

I’ve seen many curbs tarred into a metal roof! Disaster! You’ll get the best result if you keep the curbs out of the hands of uninformed subcontractors and in your metal building package. If this can’t be done, work with the subs and direct them to reputable pre-engineered roof curb manufacturers.