Guide About Monstera Plant Care

Monstera deliciosa is a beautiful and exotic plant that can add a touch of luxury to any room. It is best grown in a well-lit area with good drainage, and it should be watered regularly. Here are some tips on how to grow and care of monstera deliciosa plant:

1.Buy a quality Monstera deliciosa plant. Not all plants sold as monsteras are of equal quality. Make sure you buy a high-quality plant, preferably from a reputable vendor, to ensure success.

2.Choose an appropriate location for your monstera. The best place to grow this plant is in a well-lit area with good drainage. Avoid locations that are too wet or too dry, as these will not be ideal for the growth of the plant.

3.Water your monstera regularly. water the plant deeply and frequently so that it roots easily in the soil. Infrequent watering can lead to root rot and other problems down the road.

4.Fertilize your monstera regularly using a balanced vegetable or flower fertilizer. Feed it every two weeks during the growing season, and every week during the dormant season (winter). 

5.Drench the soil with a slow release fertilizer in the late fall, after all danger of frost has passed. This will help ensure a great start for your monstera during the growing season.

6.Mulch your monstera's roots with soil mulch to retain moisture and protect them from harmful UV rays.

7.Remove any dead or weak leaves or stems from your plant regularly, as this will only allow disease to take hold and possibly lead to a fatal situation.