Features Of Waffle Pod Slab Products Used For Construction

The polystyrene waffle slab is strong but lightweight for concrete slabs. Designed specifically for the residential, commercial and industrial markets, these provide insulation and maintenance to the panels while reducing the effects of ground movement and the amount of concrete required to build.

This construction is faster and cheaper than conventional infusion of concrete. A higher level of insulation is achieved through natural air pockets in expanded polystyrene and shaped cells in the waffle shell design. You can visit this site https://nicsonsbp.com.au/products to buy the waffle pod products for your home construction.

A clean finish and non-irritating surface make Pods suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Waffle pods are suitable for all types of brackets and steel nets.

Here are some features and advantages mentioned below:

1. Light and easy to use

2. Reduces the effect of ground movement

3. Reduce the amount of concrete needed

4. Strong and durable

5. Long term R value (thermal value)

6. Low water absorption

7. Recyclable (sustainable material)

8. Relatively inert and stable in size

9. It does not produce ozone-depleting gases 

10. Made of fire-resistant raw materials

Polystyrene sheets with waffle capsules are strong and durable, which makes them an ideal product for use in a wide range of construction applications – both residential and commercial.