All About Parental Alienation Symptoms

Social workers who work with divorcing or separated parents with children should be aware of two related issues: parental alienation. This refers to attempts by one parent to make a child hate the other parent. And parental alienation syndrome is a child's unwarranted rejection or anger at one parent due to the actions and attitudes of the other parent.You can learn more about alienation by checking out Parental Alienation Anonymous PA-A 

parental alienation

 These problems can be encountered by social workers in many settings such as schools, family courts, family service agencies, and private practice with high-conflict couples. They may also encounter alienated children refusing to visit a parent, adults alienated from a parent, elders who "lost their children" to parental alienation.

A set of strategies used by a parent to encourage a child to reject the other parent is called parental alienation. Children who hate, fear and feel unworthy of a relationship with a parent are known as parental alienation syndrome.

3 Symptoms Of Parental Alienation Syndrome:

1. A campaign of denigration

Alienated children feel hatred for the parent they hate. They reject contact with their parents and deny having had positive experiences in the past. Parents once loved and valued by their children suddenly become hateful and fearful.

2. There is no guilt about the treatment of the targeted parent

Alienated children are often rude, ungrateful and spiteful towards the target parent and seem to be unable to feel guilt over their harsh treatment.


3. Rejection of extended family

The hatred of the target parent is then spread to the rest of his or her extended families. The targeted parent is not only denigrated, despised and avoided, but also his or her extended families.

Parental alienation is serious in our society so it is recommended that you take professional counselor if you are in the same situation