Where To Find An Honest NordicTrack S22i Review

The NordicTrack s22i studio cycle is one of the most expensive indoor exercise bikes on the market, so it makes a lot of sense to do your homework before you buy it. While it's easy to come across NordicTrack s22i review websites, there are very few video reviews available to watch. This is because buying and reviewing every indoor exercise bike on the market is extremely expensive, and most people simply choose to write up a web page about the NordicTrack s22i studio cycle because it's a lot cheaper. The thing that most people don't understand about reading these web page reviews is usually the people who wrote them actually never even tested out the NordicTrack bike in person.

The thing that these fake review websites do is copy from legitimate indoor exercise bike reviewers like TailHappyTV and simply repost what they say in text format as though they came to these conclusions on their own. If you want to watch a NordicTrack s22i review video just check out YouTube and you can find a few that are actually legitimate. TailHappyTV created a very thorough and in-depth NordicTrack S22i review and also compared against the flagship Peloton Bike Plus. You can also find a lot more indoor cycling bike reviews on the TailHappyTV YouTube channel.