What Is Wireless Charging?

If you don't charge the battery on your smartphone using a normal cable, but instead place it on a charging stand, then you're charging wirelessly. You can check https://www.kewlabstech.com/ to buy wireless charger for sale.

The principle that allows wireless charging relies on electromagnetic induction. It's nothing new since the technology was in use for a long time … even in the form of your electric toothbrush, for instance! Since 2009, smartphone makers have been exploring charging wirelessly, however it is only now that has this technology made it to the forefront.

Wireless charging can be achieved through electromagnetic induction. The electrical energy will be transmitted between objects using a magnetic field, like a charger and a smartphone. This means that there are no cables to charge your device.

Induction charging, also known as wireless charging relies on the Faraday law that induces (the man in the cage) and Ampere's law (the man who named the basic unit for electric power). The flow of current through a coil creates magnetic fields. The coil is situated in the charge station. The magnetic field produces an electric current that flows through the second coil, which is located inside the device. The electric charge makes sure that the current flow through another coil.

Since brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc. have equipped their latest phones with wireless charging has seen an immense boost. The most popular technology for wireless charging is called the Qi standard (pronounced as chi) It allows charging of every device using Qi charging stations located in cafes, airports, and even in the subway.