Types Of TMJ Physical Therapy

If you are one of the many people who suffer from TMJ, then you already know how painful it is. You may have worked with a health specialist to help fix problems and relieve some, if not all, from your pain through the type of physical therapy TMJ. 

Physical therapy is a method used to reduce the pain of TMJ by working directly on your jaw muscle and training it to close the position right instead of the wrong place.

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One exercise to try is slowly opening and closing your mouth, forcing your mouth to open straight. You might notice that it tries to pull it to one side or the other because the weaker side won't want to function properly. To help make sure you keep your mouth straight, you can consider doing this exercise in front of your mirror.

Stay focused, slowly open and shut your mouth 10 times, then rest. Do it 3 times in a row, three or four times a day to help strengthen the weak side of your jaw muscle.

Another exercise that needs to be considered is stretching your jaw muscles. To do this, slowly open your mouth as wide as you can, without discomfort, and then slowly close. You can repeat this stretch as much as you like until your jaw muscle feels better. 

You must be sure and consult your doctor before doing TMJ physical therapy that has not been assigned.