Some Key Advantages Of Water Butts

A water butt is basically a large water tank that stores the water that normally drains from your roof, giving you a free supply of "gray water" that you can use for countless purposes. It sits neatly next to the gutter in front of your house where water from your roof drains as it collects in your gutter. 

Modern "regular" water outlets come in a variety of attractive designs and colors or opt for a wall tank, a larger water tank that can hold up to 750 liters in some cases. They are easy to install and extremely durable, saving you money on your home's water bill year after year. That is why it is a good option to buy water butt connectors and filters for your homes.

water butts

Water meters are becoming more and more common and may even become standard equipment in most households in the near future. Keep in mind that your garden hose can drain up to 18 liters every minute – increasing your bill endlessly. The water butt simply takes you out of the “spray wage cycle” and provides free water in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. Your plants will thank you too.

You can beat all summer tubing restrictions to keep your garden lush by using the water you collect. In addition to saving money on metered water, you'll find that plants actually grow better when watered with rainwater than regular "tap" water. You can use the "gray water" from the water tank as "soapy water" to wash your car, yard or patio.