Transferring Private Registration Plates From One Car To Another

Private number plates have seen a rapid rise in popularity over the past few years. Many motorists choose to replace their standard DVLA registration numbers with their own personalized plates. 

Owners of vehicles with a personal registration number can transfer them from one car to the next using the DVLA's beloved transfer scheme. It's useful for motorists who want to transfer their private reg to a new vehicle and are selling their car.

Transfer applications can be made in the event of an unfortunate circumstance, such as an accident or theft. If the insurer has not disposed of the vehicle, the authorization to transfer the registration number can be granted.  You can also look for the car plates renewal online.

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You must make sure the vehicle is available for inspection. Vehicles that have been stolen can be transferred, provided it has been reported to the DVLA within a minimum of one year.

The registered keeper of the donor car retains full rights to the registration until the transfer is completed. 

Private registration plates can enhance the appearance of your car and are great investments. They also hold their value and increase in value. Cape Plates, a private number plate dealer, offers free valuations and selling services to anyone looking to sell their reg.