Are Your Financial Professionals Really Financial Advisors?

While good advice from a skilled financial planner can mean the difference between a successful retirement and your money survival. There are approximately 929,700 people in the United States who call themselves financial professionals. You need to get in touch with a reliable financial advisor via to get the best results. 

Charleston Wealth Management Advisor vs Financial Advisor Explained

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Let's see what job functions this "financial advisor" actually performs:-

411,500 are insurance agents

312,200 is a stockbroker

206,000 is a personal financial planner

Even though these people work in the financial industry, are they really the ultimate financial planner? If you seek advice from a "financial advisor" who is actually an insurance agent, what advice might you get? You may be asked to purchase life insurance and annuities. 

Likewise, stockbrokers will likely recommend stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but is he really planning to see if you're close to reaching your retirement goals? Almost not. The job functions that most people equate to financial advisors are not performed by most financial professionals.

How can you ensure that your advisor is a true financial planner who will examine all elements of your financial situation and safeguard your interests? First, look for a certified financial planner (CFP).

Certified financial planners must complete two years of intensive training, followed by a rigorous two-day exam. CFPs are trained in many aspects of the financial services industry, including investing, insurance, retirement planning, taxes, real estate planning, and more.