All You Need to Know About Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is always represented in the blue and white chequerboard design which is part of the region's identity. This design and these colors would naturally flow through your room or yard decoration and most online party stores stock Bavarian-themed decorations including flags, Oktoberfest bunting, hangers, beads, and other goodies.

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One of the fun parts of an Oktoberfest party is the costumes. This is a great opportunity for a themed fancy dress party with both the men and women dressing in stylized Bavarian costumes complete with long plaited wigs – er, for the ladies, and a choice of either the traditional pointed grey felt Bavarian hat or one of the green or brown hats complete with feather, the grander the better!

Again, most online costume retailers will be able to offer you a selection of costumes to choose from based around lederhosen for the men and charming Heidi or Bier Maid styled dresses for the ladies.

Clearly, any Oktoberfest party should have some German beer but if you can't find any then lager is a perfectly acceptable substitute. With the food, its pure indulgence with traditional foods likes, German sausage, potato salad, sauerkraut, sweet or pickled cabbage with scrumptious Black Forest gateaux for dessert.

There are some fantastic online recipe sites that will give you a selection of food ideas as well as itemize a complete Oktoberfest menu. And don't forget the pretzels.

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