Increase In-House Nursing Homes Collections

The following nursing home collections report outlines some guidelines you can follow to increase the amount of in-house long-term care collections your facility collects.

One of the main reasons for late claims from nursing homes is that the facility does not clearly specify when the bill is to be paid to the occupants/person in charge and employees of the office. You can also navigate to for detailed information about nursing home collections.

If you have no consistent guidelines for your business office to follow – you are inviting bad debt. These guidelines should be clear to your business office and reception.

If residents/responsible parties are not notified that their nursing home bills must be paid on time, then they are likely to be late or sometimes no pay at all. Make it clear what day of the month you are billing and when your payment is expected. 

Tell them the consequences of not paying upfront instead of after the due date. This eliminates the possibility of future misunderstandings from your responsible parties. Establishing your late payment policy is an important step in making payments easier.

Once residents are admitted, it is important that you keep accurate and timely records of their payment history. If you notice any deviation from the previous payment model, especially if the payment is very slow, an immediate follow-up is warranted. 

This not only gives you an early warning of pending payment issues but also gives you the opportunity to intervene early in case of outside influences (eg refusal to pay, etc.).