Tips You Must Know When Planning Your Shore Excursions

Shore excursions are an important part of the cruise experience. You can purchase many excellent excursions offered by the cruise line, however, you may want to explore some yourself. Consider: these important tips you explore on your own:

Tip # 1 – Planning for your excursions

Before leaving on your cruise research each port of call for information on attractions, restaurants, and the possibilities that you could go shopping interested in visiting. You can find information regarding shore excursions in Jamaica via

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Make a list, by the port of call, your best choice estimates how much time is required to visit each. To attend the call information port offered by the cruise ship for additional tips.

Tip # 2 – Transportation While on the shore

Make sure you use a licensed taxi driver. If you rent a car when you arrive, make sure you agree with the driver in advance the total cost will be and where you want to go. If planned well, you can save money too!

Tip # 3 – Safety Ashore

Criminals know when the cruise ships are in port. Avoid pickpockets not to travel in the alleys or poorly lit streets, avoid having crowds of people surrounding you.

Tricks used by pickpockets include someone bumping into you or distracting spreading something on you while a friend robs you. Also, be careful of approaching someone and ask for help or ask your instructions, while it may be a valid request, it could also be a distraction.