Self-Publishing – A Fair Chance To Getting Published

A good book is a lifelong friend. Books have the power to change lives; those who grow up reading derive encouragement, nourishment, and even solace from works of great authors. The joys of reading, at some point, naturally transform into a nascent desire to write.

A fair chance to engage the masses with a story of their own inspires many to pen down their stories, inwardly hoping for a chance to get them published. You can get your book published through selfpublishingmadeeasynow

However, getting through the publishing process is tardy, draining, even challenging.

The fact that 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', the first of the Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling, was rejected by 12 publication houses before finally coming through says it all– getting your work published is not easy.

And the few who do go through the grind have to push for sustenance -the average royalty for new writers is only as much as 10% and that's the working reality of the publishing world.

Self-publication is a real-world option for those who believe worthy content must be shared and read. A simple fiction script, a biography, a journal, or even a whitepaper-anything that can impact the readers deserves to be read that's what self-publishing is all about.

It allows you to publish your own work with greater control over the entire process. Unlike the traditional method, self-publishing puts you in charge.

It is open for writers who have sold over 300 books and received 30 positive reviews. Writers who qualify would get Rs 1 lakh funding for marketing of the book and 70% royalty on the sales. They would also be mentored by experts into creating an all in all perfect book.