Real Time Fleet Tracking Using The GPS System

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based system that can identify the location of a GPS device installed anywhere on Earth based on three parameters: longitude, latitude and altitude. Easy to understand and use for advanced navigation. 

If you have a GPS system installed in your car, its position can be determined by the control center through the signals sent between the satellites, the installed GPS device and the control center. You can choose GPS tracking for company Fleets & Assets for Business Solution that can provide real-time location data provided by approximately 24-34 satellites in space. 

These satellites map the entire earth in latitude and longitude and use these reference points as an aid when driving or navigating. 

This data is useful in a variety of practical applications, especially in transportation or for fleet tracking purposes. GPS is used with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is a digital mapping of space and structure for efficiency.

GPS-based fleet management software results in better route planning and optimization, thereby reducing transportation costs. Fleet tracking, better fuel efficiency, routing, response times and improved customer service are some of the useful aspects of this technology. GPS fleet management has eliminated excessive fuel consumption and thus reduced CO2 emissions. If applied globally, this technology is likely to reduce your carbon footprint.

This fleet tracking system is now also available as a mobile app. Many well-known mobile phone providers have enabled the functionality for this app. This GPS based device guides you to your destination using the simplest route and never lets you off track.