Body Lotion – The Secret to Staying Young

Body lotion with cocoa and shea butter is an intense, little-known moisturizer that is surprisingly easy to make, especially considering how effective it is for soothing the driest of skin. Most lotions are made of a lot of water, while the oils mostly plant extracts. As a result, body oil is much thicker than standard lotions and much more moisturizing – an effect you can notice immediately.

A good oily lotion may feel a little oily the first time you apply it, but it will completely absorb into the skin in a few minutes. The effect of intense and moisturized cocoa and shea butter lotion will be felt throughout the day and regular use will significantly improve the quality of your skin. This is partly because vegetable oils are not diluted or washed off with water. This is also due to the oil they contain, which varies from brand to brand. Many of these vegetable oils have very healthy properties that nourish and protect your skin.

Cocoa Butter vs. Shea Butter: Which Is Better for Your Skin?

Some of the vegetable oils that you can find in these oils are shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango oil. Shea butter is the most common. It is easily absorbed deep into the skin layers and protects your skin for water resistance. Cocoa butter comes from the cocoa bean, which is also responsible for chocolate – in fact, cocoa butter can smell like chocolate. This protects the skin from further damage and makes the oils in the body thick, soothing, and soft. Mango oil lubricates the skin and provides essential fatty acids to nourish the skin.

Another rarer but important oil is marigold oil. Kokum oil regenerates skin cells and maintains skin elasticity and flexibility. This is a great ingredient to help speed healing. Some oils also use marigold extracts, which have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Can soothe irritated skin and reduce acne. Glycerin can also be found in oily lotions which are great because they attract moisture to the skin. Lastly, healing ingredients such as witch hazel can be included to help heal the damage that has been done to your skin.