Know About Party Tent Hire in Los Angeles

You can plan indoor entertainment and seating for an outdoor event by knowing which party tents are available to rent. This will allow you to plan your decoration, which will depend on the style and size of the tent that you hire.

The most popular types of tents (marquees), that are available for hire are:

1. Clear-span frames or Framed marquees

Clear-span area marquee frames, also known as area marquee frames, are made of aluminum and do not require support poles. Because the interior space is wall-to-wall, entertaining, seating, and decorating can be done in a much more efficient manner. You can get a tent on lease from event rentals in Los Angeles, CA.

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Aluminum frames with canvas walls make the best winter tents. They are weather-resistant and extremely strong. Framed party tents are able to stand on any ground surface, including concrete, soil, or grass, and don't require anchoring. Instead, weights hold the frame down.

It is crucial to plan where your marquee will be placed when hiring one. Aluminum frame marquees are ideal if you have limited space or access. These versatile tents can be adapted to fit any space, on any surface, and are affordable for all budgets.

2. Canopy Style and Pole Marquees

Because of its lighter construction and open sides, the canopy tent rental option is better suited for summer parties. Open sides allow summer breezes to flow through the tent, while the roof provides shade and shelter from light rain.

In that it attaches to the ground with guy ropes and pegs, this style of hire tent is similar to a circus tent. Canopy tents should not be placed on concrete, sandy, or hard surfaces. This marquee is ideal for use as a tent rental option at garden parties.

You might consider buying your own tent if you host many outdoor parties and events. You will need to erect and tear down the marquee yourself, which can prove costly and time-consuming. Your tent rental company will arrange all of these services and more, including party planning, catering, and seating arrangements.