Cheapest Way to Safely Send Money Overseas

Now the size of this currency exchange market is so enormous in an estimated $400 billion dollars per year just from overseas workers sending cash, a bewildering variety of players have come on the internet like send money from singapore to Indonesia online. The way to choose which one suits you best depends on what you need and in this guide, we'll attempt to outline a few of the differences that you want to search for.

1. Do a little research online and find a business that has a strong backing and is unlikely to vanish with your money once it goes bankrupt. Businesses that have been in existence for numerous decades or so are backed by means of a stock market listed parent are far more likely to be secure.

2. Decide how fast the receiver should acquire the money. When timing is important then you need to take a look at a company that provides instant transfer of cash via a digital account.

3. Look very carefully on the prices. Frequently the hidden charges would be those which add up to create your move pricey.

Banks and money transfer firms usually cost you around $30 but in addition to that there'll be exchange rates that may vary considerably and there might be a fee at the other end prior to the person you're sending the money to can pick this up.

4. The newest online money transfer companies like and Moneybookers are well worth considering, a few permit you to send cash direct via a digital account for that you simply should supply appropriate identification, some may send a debit card to the person you would like to send cash to and this may take a while.