Finding In-Home Care For the Elderly

There may come a time when your elderly loved one needs in-home care for the short or long term. Perhaps she has had a fall or perhaps she can no longer stay alone and you have to work.

She may need help with meal preparation, bathing, dressing, or even help to get to the bathroom. Where can you go to find someone to stay with your loved one or home care for the elderly? And, just as important, how will you pay for it?

If your loved one is on Medicare or Medicaid, she may qualify for in-home care if she meets certain criteria. In some situations, if the elderly are frail enough that they meet nursing home care standards in their state, they can get the same care while living in their home, including home care attendants who can provide personal care.

You will want to carefully screen any caregivers that are brought into the home to care for your loved one. Ask for references and check them out. Communicate with your loved one on a regular basis to ensure that she is getting the desired level of care. If possible, it may be a good idea to have a surprise visit long before you would visit or normally come home, just to make sure that things are progressing as they should.

It can be difficult to leave your elderly loved one in the care of strangers but unfortunately, at times, it becomes necessary. When this time comes, talk to others who are in the same situation and ask for references and ask about their experiences with in-home care.