Trampoline Game – Games to Enjoy on Your Trampoline

Trampoline not only provide health improvements for users but additionally offers a unique chance to have a lot of fun. However, most owners of trampolines are quite happy with just jumping up and down. This might get monotonous before long, especially for children that have short attention spans. It is easier nowadays to look for the best aquaglide trampoline via

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And now for the best part. Here are some great games to play on a trampoline:-

1. Crack the Egg – First you need to pick the first person to be the "egg". This person will then sit in the middle of the trampoline and pull their knees up into their chest and hold onto them as best as they can. The other kids will then jump around the kid playing "egg" until they can successfully get the kid to let go of their legs.

2. Sprinkler Fun – When it's a really hot day, nothing cools you down more than a good game involving the sprinkler. If you have a trampoline that has a water proof mat, then you can take the sprinkler and put it under the trampoline and turn the water on just enough so that it touches the surface. Then all you need to do is put on your bathing suits and sunscreen and relax on the trampoline.

3. Crossfire – If you love dodge ball, then you will like this modified version of it. What you need to do is put two people up on the trampoline and have the rest of the kids on the ground. The kids on the ground will use a ball, preferably a soft one, and throw it at the kids who are on the trampoline.