Protect Your Hands: Types Of Garden Gloves

Even inexperienced gardeners know that a good pair of gloves is a basic tool for gardening. But with all the different options available, the style choices can be overwhelming. Here's a guide to the different types of gardening gloves and what's best for them:

Leather gardening gloves:

These don't usually sit tight and can get bulky, but they are durable, strong, and great for lifting heavy bags like pruning rose bushes, tackling wire fencing, or pushing heavy carts. Some stretch out their arms for extra protection. Due to all these reasons, leather gardening gloves are considered the best gardening mittens for females while performing garden chores.

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Cotton gardening gloves:

Cotton gloves are a low-priced alternative and are available at home remodeling stores and garden centers. But cotton gloves have their limits. Breathable and lightweight, they keep your hands clean when digging in the soil and protect against abrasions when weeding. But they are not waterproof and do not provide great protection against chemicals, cuts, and stitches.

Disposable gardening gloves:

These are not technical gardening gloves, but they can come in handy when handling fertilizer and pesticides. Since it's a disposable item, you can just throw it away when you're ready. Check your medical store, pharmacy, or grocery store for disposable gloves.

Gardening rubber gloves:

Working in moist soil or cold conditions? Rubber gloves are great for sealing in and cooling off moisture, although they can be a little sweaty. Be sure to choose outdoor gloves over indoor cleaning gloves – those made specifically for outdoor use are more durable.

Stretch garden gloves:

The back is often made of cotton, with elastic soles of different colors. Fit, stretchy, and often waterproof, these gloves are durable and comfortable. Sometimes they even offer additional sun protection along with the added protection against cold or humidity.