Board-Up Advice For Emergencies

If your home has the right equipment (a hurricane) to weather a storm, you can be sure that you are protected. However, if the storm is not approaching, you can place the plywood over the windows.

This material is inexpensive and available at all specialist stores and has a 30 percent higher impact than OSB. Guaranteed coverage is offered as recommended by the insurance industry. For more information about 24-hour emergency window boarding service, you can visit

emergency window boarding service

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This should be done by at least two people, especially with larger panels. For safety, try installing it before the wind starts blowing and rendering it unusable. Luckily, here are some tips on how to protect your windows (with wooden frames).

Tip for masonry

First, try to mark the nail area as close to each part of the window as possible. If there is no nail head where the nail is, do some work, and drill yourself.

Make sure the plywood is placed properly or you will see it flying high. Then try to cut each panel so that it extends at least 1 inch beyond the frame on each side of the window. Follow the fields by numbering them. That way, they will show you the opening they covered.