Eco Friendly Straw And Their Several Benefits

Ecological straws have several advantages. They are biodegradable and can be composted. Keep in mind that plastics degrade within a hundred years. However, all of these materials will spoil within a few months.

Most of these eco-friendly Straws are brightly colored and suitable for everyday and casual use. Here we bring you four of the best sustainable & eco-friendly Straws for your daily use.

eco friendly straws

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Glass straw

They are durable, easy to use, biodegradable and compostable. You can clean it very easily. They look lavish and good to use . Yes, you can see the drinks you are consuming.

You can wash it in a regular dishwasher. The only downside is that you can't drink hot drinks with it. Even though the price is more expensive, you still need to buy it for your daily needs.

Stainless steel straw

They are recyclable and safe for your health. They are not made with harmful chemicals. Choose this material and replace your plastic straw. Now you can put it in your pocket and use it when you need it. They are also useful in everyday life.

Bamboo straw

This is the best ecological straw. They are made from a biological source – bamboo sticks. It is a BPA and lead-free tool that you can use with your drink. You can clean it with warm water. This is a durable and long lasting straw. It would be better to buy this for daily use.

Paper straw

They are best for restaurant and bar owners. However, these are disposable straws, but they are compostable and biodegradable.