Dry Eye Specialist For Eye Irritation

Dry eye irritation is a common complaint that eye specialists will encounter. This problem is common enough that many people will seek out help from an eye specialist or their doctor. Dry eye syndrome is caused by problems with the tear duct or tears. 

Dry eye irritation can cause burning or stinging sensations. Itchy eyes can feel itchy or scratchy under the eyelids. Environmental conditions like air pollution and exposure to severe weather can cause irritation. Contact lenses or other obstructions on the eye's surface can also cause irritation. Consult the dry eye specialist via hovering over the site.


A visual exam by your specialist or eye doctor can diagnose dry eyes. To determine the extent of the condition, and the function of the tear ducts, more thorough tests may be required. To confirm dry patches on the eye surface, special drops can be used. This could help to identify the source and other eye problems.

As we age, the eye mechanism becomes less efficient and more fragile. Dry eyes are caused by decreased tear production. Changes in hormone secretion could cause a decrease in tear production. Dry eyes can occur during menopause.

Artificial tears and eye drops may help with dry eyes. If the problem persists, it is worth looking at your lifestyle. You could have poor nutrition, too much exercise, stress at work, or insomnia, as well as medications that can influence tear production. You may be able to ask your doctor a few questions about how you live and when it occurs most often.