Important Training Tips For Your New Pup

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Training Tips for Your New Pup

One of the most important aspects of dog ownership is training. While there are many different training methods and books available, the best way to train your pup is to create a positive reinforcement-based system. Here are some tips for creating a successful training regimen: 

– Start early. Puppies learn best when they are young, so start training as soon as you bring your new puppy home. If you wait until your pup has developed bad habits, it will be much harder to correct them. 

– Be consistent. Keep your training routine the same every time, no matter what your pup does. This will help him learn that behaving in a particular way always leads to the desired outcome. 

– Use rewards wisely. Don’t give your pup too many rewards for trivial things (like getting into his crate). Instead, focus on rewarding him for good behavior, such as following commands or staying away from dangerous objects. In addition to food treats, you can also use pet toys, playtime with you or another family member, or praise from you or your partner.