Cooking a Crepe Made Easy With a Machine

Well-made crepes really taste good today and now with the help of an electric crepe maker, it's even easier to make crepe at home in a professional style. Crepe machines are available at all levels of the market from beginners to top chefs. However, to make a really tasty crepe, you need to have the right dough and the right crepe maker machine. You can visit some sites like to have a look at crepe machines.

A decent crepe dough can be made from a cup of flour, two eggs, half a cup of water and half a cup of low-fat milk, a pinch of salt and 2 tablespoons of melted butter. Just add eggs to flour in a large bowl, then take milk and water and mix with flour and eggs, then add salt and butter. Stir until a smooth dough forms, then the crepes are ready to cook.

If you are using the machine to dip and spin the crepes, you will have to wait for the engine to warm up and the light to be ready to come on. Then lightly lubricate the cooking surface and dip the skillet into the mixture. If you are using a professional crepe roaster, you will need to pour the crepe batter into the machine once it has heated up. Remember, you want a light crepe. So put a dollop full of batter on the pan and wash the dough around the cooking surface.

Once your crepe mixture is on and you are cooking, wait about two minutes for the first side to cook. If you have an engine for the starter model it may take longer, but you will know when you are ready because the non-boiling pages will rustle. 

It really is that simple and with a crepe machine, you have all the clean cooking surfaces for everything you cook while having a machine specially made to make the perfect crepes.