Different Types of Brake Pads and Their Characteristics

Did you know there are a variety of brake pads that you can install on your vehicle? There are two types of brake pads made from different materials and each comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. For better brake pads replacement, you must know about their characteristics.

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Ceramic Brake Pads

The name suggests the whole story, they're mostly made from ceramic and include copper fibers in the mix. They were initially designed to reduce the amount of dust and noise created.


  • Calmer than semi-metallic pads due to they have a higher frequency that makes it difficult to hear.
  • They generate smaller particles of dust that don't stick onto the wheels. 
  • They typically have a longer time frame than semi- and organic models. The material is extremely durable that it's hard to tear away in a short time.

Organic Brake Pads 

They are also referred to as Non-asbestos-organic (NAO). They comprise fiber, glass, rubber, carbon, and Kevlar and are joined by a special resin.


  • These pads have a soft sound and are quiet which makes it a pleasant driving experience.
  • It's affordable and ideal for regular driving under various conditions of weather.

A replacement of the brake pads could be vital in the event that one of these flaws is discovered.