Buying Used BMW Cars from an Authorized Dealer Can Save You Money in the Long Run

The growth of the used car market is accelerating every year as Americans' interest in renting new cars outpaces historical trends in car purchases with four- and five-year car loans. The transition to leasing makes a predictable cycle for used cars to enter the market. Most rental cars are returned to the dealership within 24 and 36 months of the rental date. You can also consider BMW LE Couter Lemmens to find the best BMW cars From authorized dealers.

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The leasing phenomenon has changed the dynamics of the used car market by injecting quality cars that are owned and often have low mileage and excellent service records. Many readers may remember the days

when used car stories looked like a collection of "inappropriate toys" from popular cartoons. Nowadays used car dealers are trying hard to find high quality cars at low mileage without past car accidents, abuse or stress.

BMW's pre-certification (CPO) program is an example of a serious attitude towards used car buyers. BMW has listed the certifications that all used vehicles must pass to qualify as CPO vehicles. If BMW is still covered by the original warranty and passes the CPO checklist, BMW will add an additional two years / 50,000 miles to the original warranty. When I found out about this program, I was amazed by the BMW used car warranty that you can get from a BMW dealer.