A Guide to the Main Types of Gutter Protection Systems

The gutter protection system protects the gutters from clogging and your house from leaks. With the right system, you can use gutter cleaning tools less frequently and more efficiently. The question is what type of protection is best for you.

The high quality gutter guards are designed to be attached at an angle to allow the leaves to slide down easily. This system has a thin gap through which water enters the drainage channel. They are attached to the roof, so the installation is a little tricky. 

Foam gutter protection systems are inexpensive and easy to use. All you need to do is bring enough material to put in your house gutter. In general, foam can be cut into many shapes and sizes, making this system very easy and quick to install.

Foam protection offers a good level of protection, but its effectiveness definitely decreases over time. Although the material is durable, it is porous, so a lot of tiny particles of dirt and grime are left in it. 

As a result, water may not be drained efficiently. In addition, the surface of the foam is slightly uneven, so that damp leaves can remain on the footprint, which has a negative impact on drainage.

Brush gutter protection systems are also easy to install and inexpensive. Generally, place the brush in the drainage channel.