Repair Wet Basement Caused Damage To The Foundation

Water can reach your basement through the smallest cracks in your base. But even if these cracks started small, they wouldn't last long! Water expands when it freezes, which means that the cycle of freezing and thawing in winter is gradually and continuously making these cracks wider and larger. 

The bigger the breakthrough at the base, the bigger the problem which can be resolved by leaky basement wall repair services at Over time, water can severely damage your foundation and make it unstable enough to support your home. The only solution is to repair the cracks in the foundation. 

Foundation is a relatively tidy process that fills in any gaps in the base and creates a permanent waterproof seal that protects water and strengthens the base. 

Without foundation repairs, your wet basement problems will only get worse. With an effective and inexpensive foundation crack repair, you can solve water problems and foundation damage.

It is best to solve the cracks as soon as possible. It is much cheaper than doing basic foundation work. If you have a small gap, fixing it yourself is fairly easy. Go to your local hardware store and see what they have available. 

You can purchase a homemade cast concrete kit that comes with the sealing tube. Others use polyurethane foam or epoxy resin. This is a crack filler that you simply inject into the crevice and harden into the sealant. They are very effective and easy to use but only fight minor cracks.