Do You Know Your Customers’ Perception?

If you are fanatically busy, overwhelmed, and failing to Keep-in-Touch and follow up with your clients and other influential business contacts, then from your clients' understanding you might not even care. What's the cost to your bottom line if you lose a customer, because of the perception?

If it comes to the issue of why firms shed clients, the understanding that sales staff do not care about rankings is the major factor, according to another analysis by the Small Business Association. Why customer perception matters and how to improve it?

customer perception

People buy from people they like, trust, and understand. Maybe you have ever got a romantic partnership with your clients and influential business messages? As service professionals and companies we sometimes put all the negativity within our own way of accomplishing the purpose of our enterprise. Do you find yourself confirming in mind:

We don't know the ideal time to communicate? Is it Monday mornings, Tuesday afternoons, or in the evening? Suggestion: Using technology will explain to you when you keep in touch with open your newsletters, articles, and autoresponders.

Communication anytime is better than not communicating at all. We think we do not know exactly what to express. Tip: sharing articles of interest that may have a large ROI (Return on Investment), for your clients and contacts, is appreciated by many. Folks appreciate follow up and gain a feeling of team strategy.

They know you have their back once you ship them with information that can assist their enterprise. Sharing attracts one to the forefront in their heads and they'll soon be more inclined to arrive at you being a resource before everybody else. Sharing a story is far better than keeping the comprehension of oneself.