Organizations That Manage Innovation Processes Will Gamify Those Processes

Gamification will be a major trend in the future. It is expected that over half of all companies that manage innovation processes within the next few years will gamify them. Gamification is a rising trend in business. This strategy has led to significant leaps in innovation among businesses that adopt it. 

Businesses are discovering that employees enjoy the challenge of the process, and are more likely to be creative. This results in more ideas that can be used in the innovation process for greater industry success. You can gamify your business by building a game for your brand via Goama to enhance the business appearance.


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Gamification simply refers to the application of game-like attributes in a non-game business environment. Gamification can be used to improve your business process, customer feedback, sales, marketing, and more. After you have implemented the strategy, it is worth taking stock of all the most difficult business tasks.

Gamification can be used to boost your open innovation process, increase the number of ideas you can test and then implement. You will be able to fully take advantage of the creative boost if you have a good innovation process. These are the 4 things you need to remember when you implement gamification for your business or innovation process.

  • Accelerated feedback cycles
  • Set clear expectations and set goals
  • It is a compelling reason
  • Balance achievement and challenge