How to Choose Remote Management Software?

Device servers have become more popular as the demand for serial device connectivity over LAN has increased. Although many companies provide the hardware, it is worth investing in a complete deployment solution. Installation and administration of network-deployed serial ports can be a burden if there is no enterprise-wide visibility.

A product that has an interface that allows for communication with serial devices in remote locations, but is not connected to a PC, is ideal. There are other considerations that must be taken into accounts, such as ease of configuration and management. You can know more about remote management via

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You can connect multiple devices to a single server with variable port density options. You can integrate and deploy your programs across all operating systems with the help of our development capabilities. Additional features that can be used to manage units distributed across networks are event-driven email notification and Web-based setup.

Web-based configuration can have its limitations when there are multiple device servers involved in a project. Although it is possible to establish HTTP connections using a Web browser and configure port parameters and IP addresses for one device server, this solution quickly becomes ineffective when there are more than a dozen products.

Direct Web configuration is not an option for applications that require large-scale enterprise-wide deployments of device servers. Remote management software can help overcome common issues encountered in large-scale device server deployments.