Guide To Install TV Mounting

Before mounting your tv on the wall it's a good idea to measure your cord and the distance to the wall outlet to make sure it reaches. Now it's time to attach the TV part to the stand. Wall mounts usually consist of two parts, one for attaching to the TV and one for mounting on the wall. Then the TV part is affixed to the wall piece, i.e. you have a wall-mounted TV. 

Your first step is to attach the TV portion of the stand to the back of your TV. Some models have holes that are covered with plastic. Just use a screwdriver to remove it. Remember not to leave the TV on during this process. 

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The next step is to attach the wall section so that you can mount the TV on the wall. You need to drill the bracket into the wooden post. Once you've selected the right place to mount the TV, use a good-quality hair clip finder to find the nearest hair clip. 

Make sure the mounting holes in the brackets are aligned with the center of the studs. To do this, find the center of the stud, use a nail to find the end of the stud, and measure between the holes. Always use a spirit level to check the level of the bracket before attaching it to the wall. 

The final step is to route the cables before connecting the TV, lift the TV to the desired location and connect the cables to it, and finally connect the wall mount to the TV part of the stand. At this step, it is highly recommended that you have an assistant to help you lift and position the TV.