Building Your Own Home – Big Advantages Of Traditional Timber Frame

For many construction amateurs who want to build a house with their own hands, timber is the first choice. Many people do not realize that not only can this type of timber be easily achieved with a timber house by frame and truss suppliers, but the use of timber also has important advantages. 

Timber is resistant to termites, does not deform, rot, or shrink. A timber frame can be purchased as an unassembled kit, which is much easier for an amateur to build from a wooden frame and saves a lot of money.

Properly processed timber will last for many years. The timber roof sheet has a protective coating that allows it to be exposed to all weather conditions for years before it deteriorates. The timber in the housing frame has a similar protective layer and is certainly protected from the elements. 

Timber can be treated successfully from termites and rot. In most cases, when building a frame at home, it is often wet from the rain and then dries up in the sun. Weather conditions like this can damage the timber frame on the wall. 

The distortion can later cause problems with doors, windows, and interior fixtures. The timber frame remains straight and true regardless of the weather.

There is a myth that timber-framed homes are not noisy because they shrink and expand as the temperature changes. This aspect of the timber house is overstated and the well-designed timber frame is not too hard.